What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?


HydrojettingProfessional plumbers are using hydrojetting as a way to clean drains and it is proving to be quite effective. Hydrojetting uses high pressured water forced through drain pipes to clean them out, The result is cleaner drain pipes that drain more efficiently. It is important that a qualified professional perform the hydrojetting in order to decrease the chance for injury to the operator or damage to the drain pipes. Plumbers have found this method of drain cleaning to reap better results than by using traditional means of drain cleaning.

Hydrojetting Grease

Cooking grease is one of the most common materials that are introduced into drain pipes that can cause a clog. As the cooking grease cools it will harden and stick to the walls of the drain pipe. After time, the build up of cooking grease on the pipe can become so excessive that it can actually close off the drain. A plumber can use hydrojetting to blow out all of the cooking grease in the drain pipe so that the sink water will drain freely and the pipe will be cleared from obstruction.

Hydrojetting Roots

Some drain pipes may become obstructed by tree roots. Underground drain pipes are particularly susceptible to tree roots because of their location. If a tree root has infiltrated a drain pipe then the chances of it breaching the wall of the pipe is quite high. Using chemicals or mechanical means can further deteriorate the pipe which can cause it to collapse. Hydrojetting may be used by a plumber to break the tree roots free from the walls of the drain pipe. This will allow the drain to be able to be properly used again and will make it free from obstruction.

Hydrojetting Debris

Bellingham PlumberThere are many reasons why debris may be introduced into a drain system. Sometimes, it can be foreign matter falling into the drain as a result of product cleaning. It can also be introduced into a drain from human error or even insect infestation. No matter what has caused the debris to be introduced into the drain pipe it is important that it be removed in order for the drain to work properly. Hydrojetting is commonly used, because of its high pressure, to blow the debris out of the drain in order to unclog to drain pipe. This method is less damaging to the drain pipe and quite efficient.

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