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What are some common signs that you need to repair or replace your gas line?

A gas line delivers fuel to your residence that can be used in many different ways, from heating your water to warming the rooms in your home. Gas lines generally run underneath the ground in your yard and through the walls of your home. As with any other important system, your gas line can become damaged, and it may need to be repaired or even replaced from time to time. If gas is not being supplied to your water heater, main heating system, or any other gas-fueled appliances you likely need to contact the certified professionals at Eagle Plumbing & Heating for professional services.

If your line is damaged you may also notice the smell of gas inside your home. A gas line problem is a critical issue that requires an immediate response. If you believe that your gas line has encountered a problem evacuate your home quickly and call our office right away. Our professionals make themselves available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the event of an emergency, and offer prompt and reliable service to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

What are some signs that you are in need of a professional drain cleaning?

In addition to providing service to gas lines, we also can keep your drains and pipes clean. Professional drain cleaning services can be scheduled on a regular basis for preventative care, or in the event of a clog. You may notice that you have a clog when water is taking a lot longer to clear out of a drain inside your sink, shower, or tub. In some cases, the water level may not decline at all. Toilets may also fail to flush fully, or they may not flush at all. Some toilets may even overflow. Additionally, if multiple drains in your home become clogged at one time this could be a sign of a severe blockage deep within your piping system. These issues can all indicate that professional drain cleaning services are needed.

When should you replace your water heater?

Replacing your water heater will likely become necessary at some point, but with proper maintenance and timely repairs most water heaters will continue to run efficiently for many years. If your current system is no longer heating your water to its desired temperature or it has stopped producing hot water entirely, it is likely time to have your unit replaced.

Additional issues, such as water leaks, gas leaks from certain systems, and rust colored water that exits your fixtures or smells unpleasant can all indicate that your water heater needs to be serviced. Depending on the severity of the issue simple repairs may be all that is required, but in some cases having a brand-new unit installed is the safer and more cost-effective option. The certified professionals at Eagle Plumbing & Heating offer installation and repair services for both traditional and tankless water heaters.

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