Fairhaven Heating Services

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The caring professionals at Eagle Plumbing & Heating understand the need for reliable installations, regular maintenance, and quality repair services for the heating systems in your home. We offer specialized services for heaters, furnaces, and even gas log fireplaces to ensure the your interior climate remains comfortable and consistent throughout the colder months of the year. Our main purpose is to guarantee the continued efficiency of your heating units, helping to keep your monthly utility costs low and making sure that more serious heating issues are avoided. To read reviews from other customers in your area about our specialized services, click here.

What are common issues with your heater that require professional services?

You and your loved ones rely on your heater to operate efficiently and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home. Many people do not realize they even have a problem until their heating system stops working altogether. If your heating system continues to run without ever reaching its desired temperature or you are having trouble regulating or maintaining a consistent interior climate, contact our expert professionals right away.

Part of your unit may need to be repaired or if your problem is more severe, we can replace your heater with newer and more efficient unit. If your heater is making loud and unpleasant noises or you notice an unusual odor emanating from your system, you are likely in need of professional services. Our qualified professionals can inspect your heater, determine the cause of the issue, and provide quality and cost-effective solutions.

What are the benefits of a gas log fireplace?

A gas log fireplace has many benefits that homeowners can advantage of. These systems are exceptionally simple to operate, providing a clean source of heat that can be easily regulated. Gas log fireplaces are also much safer for the home, as they do not produce sparks or smoke. Installing a traditional fireplace can be quite complicated and will usually require extensive home construction. Our skilled professionals can carefully install a gas log system in virtually any room in your home, without the need for major alterations to your property.

Gas log fireplaces use less fuel than larger heating units, which will help you to save money on your monthly utility bills. Additionally, the installation of a gas log fireplace will add beauty and depth to your home, without the need for the extensive maintenance that traditional units require. Gas log fireplaces come in a variety of styles and designs, and our professionals can help you to choose the best system for the particular needs of you and your home. We also offer specialized repair services in order to guarantee that your new gas log fireplace will continue to function optimally for years to come.

What are the benefits of regular furnace maintenance?

Dirt, dust and debris can cause a wide variety of problems with your furnace and significantly increase your monthly heating expenses. Scheduling an annual appointment to clean your unit and change filters or nozzles when needed will help to guarantee the continued efficiency and optimal functionality of your system. Our certified professionals will inspect and clean your heating ducts to ensure that the proper amount of air is being exchanged. Grime that accumulates within your furnace can clog parts and eventually destroy your motor.

Replacing worn components will prevent major problems from occurring. Making sure that you furnace receives proper care, regular maintenance, and timely repairs will increase the longevity of your system and ensure a comfortable interior climate throughout the winter. Our skilled professionals also offer 24/7 emergency service to keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of a more serious problem.

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