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If you are located in or around Demmings and are in need of professional heating services, the certified professionals at Eagle Plumbing & Heating are here to help. Our friendly staff offers prompt and quality service at a reasonable price in order to ensure that your heating systems are operating safely and efficiently. Whether you are looking to schedule a maintenance visit for your furnace, your heater is in need of repairs, you want to install a gas log fireplace, or you require emergency service, our experienced heating specialists are always available to tackle any job with the utmost care and precision. To see what your neighbors are saying about our services, click here.

When is it time to repair or replace your furnace?

One of the most recognizable signs that your furnace is in need of professional services is if it starts to make unusual noises. This particular issue can be caused by a failing belt, fan, or motor, which will normally have to be replaced. As your furnace ages it will become less efficient and have to work much harder to produce a desirable temperature, causing a significant increase in your monthly energy bills. If this is the case it is likely more cost-effective to have a brand-new unit installed.

Additionally, if an older heater starts to require more frequent repairs it is usually in your best interest to have it replaced. If you are not receiving a consistent temperature throughout your home it may be due to leaking ducts or a potential issue with your thermostat. Our knowledgeable professionals can determine the cause of the problem, and decide whether it can be solved by a simple repair or if replacement services are needed.

A far more serious sign that your furnace needs to be serviced is if anyone in your family starts to experience unusual, flu-like symptoms. This could indicate a carbon monoxide leak caused by a crack in your furnace, which needs to be taken care of immediately. If your pilot light is yellow or you smell gas inside your home, evacuate your residence immediately and contact the certified experts at Eagle Plumbing & Heating for emergency services.

What are some benefits to regularly scheduled maintenance?

Although your furnace will undoubtedly require replacement at some point in time, you can significantly increase its lifespan with proper maintenance. The knowledgeable professionals at Eagle Plumbing & Heating can make sure that your furnace is running properly according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Regular filter changes are also extremely important. A dirty filter will restrict airflow to the furnace, which can eventually cause it to overheat. By having your filter changed every 30-60 days you can ensure that your furnace continues to function efficiently and help extend the life of your heat exchanger. By keeping the moisture levels in your home at a reasonable level you can prevent rust from building up inside your system. Making sure that all your components are clean and properly lubricated will also keep your furnace in great working condition.

What are some benefits of gas log fireplaces?

Gas log fireplaces come with several different benefits. One of the top advantages to installing a gas log fireplace is their extreme ease of use. These systems can be turned on and off with a simple switch or remote, providing homeowners with a clean heating source that will not affect indoor air quality. By burning natural gas instead of wood, you are also helping to conserve the environment. With a gas log fireplace you never have to worry about sparks or smoke that can damage your property and put your family at risk.

Gas logs will also burn much longer and more efficiently than traditional kindling. Additionally, gas log fireplaces are much easier to maintain, as the need for cleaning up burnt wood and soot is completely eliminated. If you are interested installing a gas log fireplace in your home or need to have your current system repaired, the knowledgeable professionals at Eagle Plumbing & Heating are here to help.

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