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Our professional team of professionals here at Eagle Plumbing & Heating can help the residents of Sudden Valley and the surrounding areas with all of their household plumbing needs. We can install, maintain, and repair water heaters, well pumps, and toilets, and offer specialized services for all the other plumbing fixtures in your home. We want to ensure that our customers receive the best care possible, making certain that any issues are solved quickly and without complications. To see what your neighbors are saying about our proficient services, click here.

What are some common signs that it is time to replace your toilet?

  • Frequent repairs: An older toilet that constantly has to be repaired should be replaced with a newer model. This will save customers a significant amount of money and unnecessary aggravation in the long term.
  • Frequent clogs: Older versions of low flush toilets can experience frequent clogs. If this problem persists, it is probably in your best interest to have a new unit installed.
  • Cracks: A crack in your toilet is not only unattractive, but it can quickly turn into an intense leak that can cause severe water damage to your property.
  • Scratches: Scratches are unpleasant to look at and can also be very difficult to clean. If your toilet has accumulated a number of surface scratches over the years, it is best to have it replaced.
  • Decreased efficiency: Older toilets do not run as efficiently as newer models. Installing a brand-new unit can significantly reduce your monthly water bills.

There are number of highly efficient toilets to choose from, and the personable professionals at Eagle Plumbing & Heating can help you to decide which one will fit perfectly with the specific needs of you and your home.

What are the benefits of tankless water heaters?

The main benefit to having a tankless system installed in your home is an immediate and continuous supply of hot water. Traditional water heaters will heat a specific amount of water that will sit in a storage tank until it is needed, if you do not utilize it quickly both water and energy will be wasted. Tankless systems will only produce hot water as it is desired, initiating a significant decrease in your monthly utility bills. Additionally, these units help to save on space and can be installed almost anywhere, as the need for a large tank is eliminated. Our expert professionals offer both installation and repair services in order to guarantee that your tankless water heater continues to perform at its peak.

Why are well pumps important?

Well pumps extract water from an underground source and move it into your home to be used in your plumbing system. Well pumps are necessary if you are located in an area that does not have a municipal water supply. In these areas, one must rely on a well for an alternative source of fresh water. When this is the case, a well pump becomes highly important, as it is your only means of providing your residence with clean water.

There are several types of well pumps which all perform the same basic task, but depending on the size of your well and the specific needs of your property one may be preferable over the other. Our knowledgeable staff can discuss various options with you, including shallow well jet pumps, deep well pumps, and submersible pumps, helping you to choose the most efficient device for your particular location.

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