7 Heat Pump Tips For New Users

Heat pumps can be a money-saving alternative to a standard heating ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, unit. A heat pump is an electric-powered system that can both heat up and cool down a home or office. They do not use as much fuel as an HVAC unit, because they move heat from one place to another rather than create heat. Heat pumps can do this because of their outdoor coils which collect heat from the cold air and transfer the heat indoors.

Heat pumps can also cool a building by performing this process in reverse: they remove heat from indoors and transfer the heat outdoors. If you live in an environment with moderate temperatures rather than extreme temperatures, then a heat pump can be a great choice. Here are seven tips to using and managing your heat pump.

1. Do not keep changing your heat pump thermostat. This ultimately will raise your electric bill. Try keeping this thermostat at a constant temperature. It is recommended that it remains at around 69 to 70 degrees.

2. To help make sure that your heat pump does not break down and lasts longer, clean the filter at least once a month. The filter is meant to help make sure that not too many dust particles cover up the coils of the heat pump. The filter must be cleaned about once a month so that it doesn’t clog and prevents the heat pump from working efficiently. The manufacturer of your pump may also have special instructions as to how you can manage and maintain your pump.

Heat  Pump3. There are three different types of heat pumps: air-to-air, geothermal, and water source. Based on your budget and temperature conditions, you must be aware of what type of heat pump you want.

4. Heat pumps have a back-up just in case the temperatures are a little too extreme. You must constantly be aware of the daily weather and temperature in your area, as well as save money for occasions like this.

5. When temperatures reach below 30 degrees, the heat pump will run automatically using its backup. Be aware of this fact when winter comes.

6. The coils outside during extreme winter temperatures may have ice or frost build-up. Call a professional or contractor to fix this problem.

7. The emergency switch on your heat pump should only be used if your heat pump is kaput.

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