How Often Should I Have Furnace Tune-Up Services?


Bellingham HVACIf there is one thing in life you depend on in your home or office building (often taken for granted) is when you click the switch to turn the A/C or furnace on it will work. If you live in some of the “hot spots” in America (think: Arizona) and the A/C fails during the months from May to October, you can expect a migraine attack at any moment; or not! That said, let’s open the book of common sense and have a Q&A time-out.

How Long Does A Typical Furnace and Air Conditioner Last?

That’s on page 27 of your common sense manual and it says that a furnace or air conditioner will probably last somewhere in the range of 10 to 20 years. However, your HVAC professional suggests the “smart money” is on the folks who recognize conundrums simply because the old system is creating a monolithic burden (gas and electric bills) and newer equipment can surely do a better job. However, like most anything that carries a warranty, life expectancies can vary; especially if you live in a desert area.

So What Are Some Major Factors Involved That Influence This “Life Expectancy?
Your HVAC professional can answer that question in a succinct manner with just two valuable words: “regular maintenance and proper installation.” The manual says that these two important considerations are critical in order to maximize the efficiency and protect your furnace investment.

Even though an A/C or heat pump will last around two decades, sometimes it pays to replace that antique and start saving money on your utility bills. If you live in a notoriously “HOT” state (and you know who they are) your filter should be checked on a monthly basis. Heating systems should be serviced annually by your HVAC specialist. If you were thinking about having your Uncle Fred come by and take a look at your furnace and maybe find out why it’s not working, forget it. This is “NOT” a job for any DIY’er. You need a HVAC professional who does this for a living, not Uncle Fred, so lock your front door after you make the phone call and set up an appointment with the professionals.

All your HVAC “pro” technician know where the indicators are located that will tell them where your furnace is wearing out and breaking down. They know all the “symptoms;” you don’t.

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