How Does an Air Purifier Work? 

Many individuals suffer from some sort of allergies or asthma, so you must do your best to establish a safe indoor air quality such as purchasing a good quality air purifier.

They range in prices from about $20 and they can go up into the thousands of dollars. The various types of purifiers are ones using a filter, an ionic purifier and the ozone unit.

How the Air Purifier Works

The air purifier works by ridding allergens like dust, bacteria, mold, smoke and viruses from our air that we breathe. These allergens can damage our lungs as well as the immune system. We cannot see these dangerous contaminants with our eyes however, that is where the air purifier works as it can filter those harmful substances out of our air.

The filter style unit works by sucking in the air and trapping particles to prevent them from returning to the air. This type of air purifier does require the filter to be changed according to its manufacturer, but it is simple to do. The ionic air purifier works by its two plates which are comprised of metal, using positive and negative charges to remove harmful particles.

The ozone unit removes harmful contaminants by building ozone (using oxygen particles). This ozone works to destroy harmful particles in the air as it continuously works with oxygen.

Helping Your Family
Naturally you want your loved ones to breathe in the healthiest air quality. Since pollutants that are in our air can cause allergies and various respiratory issues to harm our bodies, it can be a wise move to invest an air purifier.

Over time, the purifier unit will help your loved ones to improve their breathing and prevent respiratory problems which can attack one’s throat and even sinuses. The air purifier can also assist with headaches and various skin irritations.

Helping Your Home

A good quality purifier will also eliminate dust, cigarette smoke and various odors from your home which can cause allergies to occur. There are also units which assist in reducing pet dander and other odors stemming from a pet.

Do a little research before making your purchase as there are many types which can provide great protection for children, individuals sensitive to allergies, the elderly and your well-loved pets.

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