7 Recommended Pre-Winter Heating & Cooling Services

Bellingham Heating MaintenanceLate summer is a good time for insuring a well-maintained, efficient, clean and safe heating system will perform throughout the season. Insuring the coldest months will be spent in comfort and security, the heating and cooling system can be inspected and serviced by professionals at a reasonable cost.

Paying close attention to your furnace and any indication of problems may flag the need for servicing. If you have had an abnormal increase in utility billing costs there may be a problem with your system. Musty or dusty odors, squealing or clanking noises can indicate mechanical or maintenance problems.

There are seven steps which can help tune up a heating and cooling system.

1. Thermostat efficiency helps insure constant, reliable heat. Be sure the thermostat works by setting it to 75 degrees and testing for heat airflow at the registers. If the furnace doesn’t heat in a few minutes it may need professional servicing.

2. Insure clean filtration of air by checking the air filter. This should be a routine which is periodically performed. A clean filter insures an efficient and clean airflow–– good for the furnace and good for healthy living.

3. Furnace registers that deliver air to the home should be checked for proper circulation to be sure they’re open and dust free. Placing the palm of one’s hand on the register should indicate airflow.

Bellingham Heating Tune Up4. Return registers that carry air back to the furnace should also be checked for dust, blockages, and performance.

5. Ductwork should be inspected for blockages, accumulated dirt or mold. Professionals can be contracted to properly clean duct work.

6. Furnace surroundings should be clean, with the furnace standing free of surrounding debris. Be sure there are no flammables near the furnace.

7. A clean system which is tuned by professionals will insure a season without worry. Services performed professionally include inspecting, cleaning and tightening connections, terminals, belts, and checking flue assemblies. Gas pressures, gauges, combustion chambers are checked. Furnace safety controls are inspected. Furnace blower and parts are lubricated and inspected. Electrical voltage is measured for proper levels. Testing for carbon monoxide emissions are performed. These are a few of the services provided by furnace professionals.

Proper maintenance of a furnace will prolong its life and improve its efficiency. Protecting a furnace with a professional tuneup is a sure-fire way to get the best from your furnace and prolong its life.

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